1 Corinthians 16:9
For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Travelling, Preaching, and Praising!

We are thankful for each opportunity God gives us to be a part of HIS work in North Bay, and in other parts of our province as well.

Kendall had a fantastic trip to the States.  He had the opportunity to preach in Crown College Chapel and to present the ministry here in North Bay, Ontario to the college students.  He had several students express interest in coming to help us on a short term basis.  We are excited about the possibilities of hosting some of these young people this summer to assist in Neighbourhood Bible Clubs and other outreach.  Please pray for these young people that they will be sensitive to God's leading in their lives.  Also pray that God would call several of them to minister in Canada.  We would love to have as many people working with us as possible!

Since Kendall has been back, we have been busy with the work here, and we also had the opportunity to travel a bit.  This past Sunday Kendall preached in a church in Oshawa on Sunday morning and in Orillia, Ontario on Sunday evening.  It's always a blessing to meet other faithful Christians who are ministering where God has placed them.  We have made several new friends and are thankful for the chance to see more of what God is doing in our province.

This past Tuesday, we travelled to Barrie, Ontario to be part of the Conference on Soulwinning and Revival.  The preaching stirred our hearts and encouraged us.  We were glad to have the chance to hear Dr. Sexton preach, as well as several other pastors.  The church in Barrie put on a lovely luncheon for the ladies and gave a special gift to all the pastor and missionary wives.  They were very generous to us, and we are thankful.

Overall, the conference was a great blessing.  The preaching encouraged and convicted us.  We enjoyed good Christian fellowship with several friends, and met some new people as well :).  God is so good to us!  It snowed the entire day of the conference, but when we left Tuesday night, we drove about 10 minutes north of Barrie and the roads were clear the rest of the way home!  Those familiar with Canadian winters know that driving can be very treacherous at times, so we are thankful for safety.

We were also GREATLY blessed to have Derrick Morlan come up and meet us in Barrie!  It was a quick trip for him, and we are SO thankful he made the effort to come and see us even for such a short time.  He has been a good friend to Kendall, and I was happy to finally meet him in person :).  We were able to show him a bit of the city of North Bay and what we have been able to do here in the church.  Derrick pastors in Oxford, England and the Lord is doing an amazing work there!  He and his family are faithful, and we are thankful for their friendship and encouragement in the Lord's work.  If you want to be blessed, watch this video of Derrick's ministry in England and then please take the time to listen to his sermon after.  You will be SO encouraged!


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